Water Purifier Factory Visiting and Seminar Held in Kunshan, China

On March 17th, EOS Group held a visiting and business seminar at the water purifier factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu, BORNSUN Precision Mould Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., which is one of the EOS cooperative training bases in China. In order to introduce the new product “quantum water purifier” being launched this year, EOS Group invited Professor Huang Li, an expert in the industry, to give a brilliant speech at the seminar. He indicated that the advanced water purifier developed with value added quantum inducing technology can provide multiple effects of water purifying and health care for the customers. It is indeed a great product to be praised and expected.

Accordingly, the President Yang also led all participants to visit the unique hi-tech quantum multi-frequency resonance implantation system in the factory. The tour and seminar successfully provided the participants with surprising knowledge and high confident of the products and its future potential.

After the on-site seminar, most of the participants responded enthusiastically and requested to join to the flagship store teams. In response, the company immediately provided amazing discounts for all priority subscribers. EOS welcomed all these new partners to grow and succeed with EOS family through this new project. EOS General Management Office, Taiwan

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