Our Goal

To source and bring to our channel partners the most innovative products which aims to improve quality of life, achieve optimal health, and promote green energy.

Our Beliefs

We emphasize "co-creation." ,With the efforts of the company, enterprises, suppliers, distributors, and consumers have established a strong circular effect, which symbolizes that EOS Group will achieve a broader business vision and create a more prosperous world and benefit more consumer groups.

Our Services

We acquire products and sell directly to our channel partners who will recognize the needs of their target customers invarious regions in Asia, such as China, Singapore and Malaysia.
We also provide comprehensive sales training to our channel partners through onsite seminars and online webinars to effectively market out products.

Our Progress

EOS INC. is actively pursuing financial consolidation and a comprehensive review of internal controls, as well as strengthening possible weaknesses in the Group. In order to be ready to enter the Nasdaq Capital Market in 2024, EOS INC. is actively negotiating partnership plans with international project investment companies to research and acquire highly profitable companies with positive equity values in order to transform the company's net worth into a positive value.