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EOS Incorporated

The higher we climb, the farther we can see.
Make change to a new viewppint, we may change the world someday.

EOS, the goddess of the dawn, opens the gate to the Sun’s chariot to lighten the earth.
Now, EOS INC, will open the gates to a broader vision of investments for you.

About EOS

EOS INC. is a resource integration service provider that integrates the world’s leading biotechnology and products. The company focuses on creating new models of personal consumption and family consumption, so that consumers can obtain brand-new experiences and additional benefits in the process of purchasing products and consumption and additional value. The company readjusts the profit structure model of the industrial chain with the exclusive planning of corporate cooperation plans, so that the public can obtain more stable and rapid sales growth opportunities through good consumer experience and word-of-mouth transmission.

Our solution

EOS provides comprehensive enterprise marketing solutions, including training services, sales system establishment, operations management, sales strategy and other optimization services. It has complete video conferencing and various sales courses to quickly analyze the competitive advantages of products and strengthen the core technology of products. Through the innovative asset empowerment computing system of EOS, we can design the most suitable marketing plan for customers, upgrade and empower the sales team, quickly grow the number of people in the organization and achieve the goal of doubling growth.

Our results

EOS has more than 20 years of international market sales experience. and obtaining satisfactory results, we achieved the following results.:

EOS currently has a professional training team of 300 people in various fields including biology, technology, environmentally friendly energy, body care, beauty, medicine... and other fields.
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There are more than 1,000 physical business locations and the number of sales teams has exceeded 50,000.
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It has cooperated with 20 provincial agricultural product cultivation bases.
Our products have obtained more more than 50 international medical patents and are targeted at immune system, kidney disease, and cancer. Breakthrough effects, related research papers have also been published in authoritative international medical journals. In addition, we have more than 30 product technology patents.
Our market scope includes China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and other places. 6. Starting in 2020, with the development of the e-commerce model, the plan is to grow to 100,000 points of sale within five years and to sign up 50 second-tier cities or more as franchisees. Consumer membership is expected to reach 10 million.

Strong Management Team

CEO – He-Siang Yang

Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the National Taiwan Ocean University in Taiwan

  • President of U-Power in Taipei, Taiwan from 2009 through 2015
  • President of EOS Trading Company Limited since 2015 and the Director of Co-Innovation Limited Inc since April 2021. Both companies operate in the consumer products trading sector, dealing with items such as supplements and green technology-related products.

General Manager – Yu Cheng Yang

  • Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Jin Wen University of Science and Technology in 2003

  • General Manager of U-Power Co. between 2009 to 2015, focusing on development, implementation and management of various business policies

  • Sole director of Taiwan Branch of EOS since 2015

  • General Manager of Emperor Star International Trade Co., Ltd. since 2018

Acting CFO – Zongjiang He

Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Engineering

  • CEO and founder of Shenzhen Haisi En Technology Co. since 2014, leading the development of the largest company in the ultraviolet LED industry with 100+ patents

  • CEO of Sante Technology Holdings Inc. (OTC: SNTE) since 2020

  • Brought to the Board to assist EOSS to fulfill Direct listing to NASDAQ Capital Markets by 2024 Q3

Director – Lai Chen Kwok

Bachelor of the Arts degree in English from the Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan

  • Financial planner at Prudential Hong Kong Limited from 2008 to 2015

Our Goal

To source and bring to our channel partners the most innovative products which aims to improve quality of life, achieve optimal health, and promote green energy.

Our Beliefs

We emphasize "co-creation." ,With the efforts of the company, enterprises, suppliers, distributors, and consumers have established a strong circular effect, which symbolizes that EOS Group will achieve a broader business vision and create a more prosperous world and benefit more consumer groups.

Our Services

We acquire products and sell directly to our channel partners who will recognize the needs of their target customers invarious regions in Asia, such as China, Singapore and Malaysia.
We also provide comprehensive sales training to our channel partners through onsite seminars and online webinars to effectively market out products.

Our Progress

EOS INC. is actively pursuing financial consolidation and a comprehensive review of internal controls, as well as strengthening possible weaknesses in the Group. In order to be ready to enter the Nasdaq Capital Market in 2024, EOS INC. is actively negotiating partnership plans with international project investment companies to research and acquire highly profitable companies with positive equity values in order to transform the company's net worth into a positive value.


EOS INC. Announcement

According to our members’ investigation and reports, a virtual currency business with a similar name as “EOS” appeared recently in the virtual currency trading market.