Cocoon Holdings Ltd is an investment company listed on the Main Board of HKEX in compliance with Chapter 21 of the Listing Rules. It is principally engaged in investment in securities listed on recognized stock exchanges and unlisted investment business with potential for profitable growth and capital appreciation.

Since the listing of EOS INC on the OTC market, Cocoon Holdings has been very optimistic about EOS’s business empowerment and brand new market operation model, and started to get to know the company. Including the company’s financial report, internal operation and management, marketing plan, development prospect… etc.

After a long period of prudent and professional examination by the Board of Directors and assessment by an independent investment manager. EOS was considered to be in line with their investment philosophy and development plan, and thus formalized their investment in EOS INC. to further develop the cooperation between the two parties and to achieve the financial growth target.

We believe that this successful investment partnership will bring great confidence to the market. It means that EOS INC. will take a big step forward to go public, and through the cooperation of both parties, we will achieve the company’s goal as soon as possible, as well as enhance the shareholders’ value and expectations.