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Eos, the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology, rose into the sky at the start of each day, and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night.

Our world is changing more rapidly today. 3C technology is turning the world into a global village and has expanded the transnational consumer economy. Therefore the value and positions between consumers and investors are changing as well.

The EOS enterprise, as a holding company registered in Nevada, USA, will always be part of this trend that is full of new opportunities.

From her birds’ eye view toward the world market, EOS is concentrating on the emerging economy in China and Southeast Asia. These areas used to be the world’s factories, but are now transforming into the fastest growing consumer market on the planet.

EOS has landed down to earth there, built up successful sales channels by providing health care, beauty care and environmental friendly products.

Now, upgraded to a holding company, EOS not only continues to expand her service level, but is also devoted to constructive investment in culture, education and 3C media contents.

By setting up an unceasingly turning globe showcase in their pavilion, EOS leaders emphasized the goal of the enterprise :“Powered by Co-creation”. It symbolizes a wider business field of vision, more chances of success that global EOS family can achieve.

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