The uplisting approval to OTCQB market status arrived eventually

The up-listing approval to OTCQB market status arrived eventually, after considerable time was spent navigating through the registration procedures. It is a major milestone for EOS.

“Once we move on to the OTCQB stock exchange, a greater degree of transparency including our development in this new year will be published and provided to our EOS members. It will significantly broaden the potential investor base and represents our continued commitment to enhance shareholder value" said Mr. Yang, the CEO of EOS.

New developments in 2017 include more new products being introduced to customers, a new pavilion being launched in Singapore with a strong sales team, proceeding several merging and acquisitions projects, etc..

An unique move of the year was announced in the EOS New Year banquet held in Shenzhen that EOS will work closely with ABLE VISION to open a new era in worldwide educational service.

ABLE VISON introduced to all participants with their amazing 3D interactive fairytale books that are unprecedented eye-catching to children.

By merging the unique 3D media productivity from ABLE VISION with worldwide distribution power of EOS,these 3D interactive fairytale books will soon be popular in global children education market. It will enhance EOS business to achieve an unprecedented growth In Q2 and Q3 of 2017, ” said Mr. Yang, the CEO, confidently, “ These efforts will be my best greetings to all members for this new year.”