The EOS 2017 new year warm-up banquet was held in Shenzhen

The EOS 2017 new year warm-up banquet was held in Shenzhen, China, on the 9th January. Over 300 leaders of EOS sale dealers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia attended at the meeting.

“We have exciting news for everyone on our entry to the OTC market that you have anticipated. Our lawyer in the U.S. had just informed us with a document titled “EOS Inc. is now OTCQB full service eligible. Let’s celebrate today with our new developments to come.”, said Mr. Yang, the CEO of EOS Inc., in his greeting speech.

The first eye-catching sample introduced in the banquet was a series of big 3D fairytale books presented by ABLE VISON. These books were painted and printed in big 2X3 feet page size, colorful clear 3D image, combined with video links thru Augmented Reality technique. The cooperation of EOS and ABLE VISION will contribute to children education market worldwide.

Now, upgraded to a holding company at higher position, EOS will not only continue to expand her existing market, but is also devoted to constructive investment in 3C media contents in Q2 and Q3 of 2017.

“It's estimated global market value will exceed ten times as much hopefully,”said Mr. Yang, the CEO, confidently, “These exciting prospects will be my best greetings to all the members for this new year.”