3D Interactive fairytale books from ABLE VISION

    Now EOS is very happy to announce that we are going to cooperate with ABLE VISION Incorporated to introduce our 3D AR interactive fairytale books worldwide.

    Being a language teacher and corporate trainer I can assure you that interactive media is the best teaching aid to language education.

    When choosing the media content for teaching, its creativity and the meaningfulness of content are my first concern. Merely entertaining is not enough.

    The 3D interactive fairytale books from ABLE VISION are a miracle in that a printed book can spread fantastic three dimensional images on normal paper pages. They are the first amazing fairytale books I have ever seen.

    We welcome you to visit our EOS Pavilions in Quanzhou and Taipei, and there you will see how our products are interesting and engaging children whilst educating."

    Adam Moss, Corporate Language Trainer, EOS